Thodak Trickfoot

Halfling Ranger Woodsman-Scout


Race: Halfling, Gender: Male, Age: 38, Height: 3’5", Weight: 38 lbs, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Green


Thodak Trickfoot is the oldest child and only son of Tribin Trickfoot (Father), who is a trapper, and Marra Trickfoot (Mother), who is an herbalist. Thodak Trickfoot was born in the spring, on the 17th day of Pflugzeit (the Plough Tide) under the star sign of Dragomas the Drake, the sign of courage, in Heukern, a village in the Moot. Ten years later in the middle of summer, on the 33rd day of Sommerzeit (the Summer Tide), his parents have another child and Thodak gained a younger sister, Bellis.

Growing up with his parents, Thodak learned skills from both this parents and came to fall in love with the woods and nature. Because Thodak is closely tied to nature, believes he is favored by the god Taal the God of Nature and Wild Places. When Thodak was old enough to choose a career path of his own, he took the best of both his parents and went down the path of woodsman. Thodak was quite good at it and he enjoyed the “adventures” he would have while he out working. While his sister Bellis was fond of water and enjoyed playing by the steam and try catching fish in the water. Bellis was a natural and she would eventually become one of the anglers for the village.

One late hot afternoon, Thodak took Bellis (age 9) to the stream with him while he was checking a few traps near the stream. Then suddenly a rainstorm came in roaring in very quickly to the area. While Thodak was checking the trap, the rain started to come down like buckets and Thodak started to curse about the rain as he almost got his foot stuck in a mud hole. Thodak’s cursing caught the attention of a beast man near the stream looking for food and noticed Bellis. Thodak caught a glimpse of the Beastman and quickly notched an arrow in his bow. Thodak aimed and right before the Beastman came out of the brush to get Bellis, Thodak let the arrow go from his bow. The arrow sored through the air like a hot knife through butter and piercing the Beastman right through the neck, killing it instantly. Bellis never knew that the Beast man was even there and Thodak quickly got his sister and headed home. From that day forward, Thodak viewed it unlucky to curse on rainy days.

A few years later while out in the woods, Thodak came across a man of the Old Faith, by the name of (Steve). (Steve) informed Thodak that he was entering a sacred grove and these trees are not for timber. (Steve) asked Thodak to steer away from this grove and in in return (Steve) would warn Thodak of beast men and other evils lurking in the woods. Remembering that event with is sister; Thodak agreed to the help each other, so that he could help keep his family safe. From that day forward, they became friends and had a good working relationship. That encounter with (Steve), reinforced Thodak belief that, he favored by the god Taal, the God of Nature and Wild Places.

One day Thodak traveled to the nearest human town, to see how the rest of the world lived. Thodak made his way to the local inn. There he met a strange man, who was more of a fortuneteller. The man offered to read the cards for Thodak. Thodak initially was skeptical but curious at the same time. Thodak agrees and the man revealed that the cause of Thodak’s doom would be a wizard of great power. Therefore, from that day forward, Thodak is a little superstitious about wizards.

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Thodak Trickfoot

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