Welcome my Epic Adventurers!

So a year ago, we put together and fun filled day of romping through Chaos, beating down monster and ultimately facing an elder god. Not bad for a Saturday.

What I took away from the game, was that, you all…new friends, old friends, gamers alike crafted a memory filled day that has been discussed and recounted throughout the year.

That prompted a sequel of sorts. The 2014 Game! This was more of a fun weekend of gaming, with even newer friends (and a second generation gamer) attending (and old friend missing) and even more enthusiasm to play.

This year’s game was less Hack-n-Slash and much more Puzzle Solving. As a GM, it was amazing fun to watch you all come together to work through the problems presented.

I wanted to say Thank You all for coming, helping, playing, engaging, facilitating, mentoring, cooking, laughing, and of course…having a good time.

I’ll spend some time updating this site, I invite you all to add comments, thoughts, characters, ideas for next year…anything really.