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Welcome dear reader, thanks for stopping by. This campaign is very different from your average game night, that might happen once a week or month. This game only happens once a year and has its lineage in games going back twenty years. It is a first edition Warhammer Fantasty Roleplaying game, and all of us have the original books.

What started as a lark, though, has continued to expand and evolve over the last four years.

In 2013, as an excuse to get my college gaming group together again (and be supplemented by my current gaming group) I proposed an Epic one-off adventure for eight hours on a Saturday in July.

Everyone being gamers, they were all super enthusiastic. And so, it came to pass. All the players met at one of our homes, we ordered pizza, got to know one another, rolled up characters and built out backstories and connections.

Then the adventure began the next morning. There were laughs, tears, and truly brilliant encounters leading up to the final battle with an Elder Chaos Godling. I wouldn’t say it was a win, but it certainly wasn’t a TPK either, with several characters getting pummeled. Ultimately, the Godling fell and …. {fade to black}. End of game. Thanks for playing. “Everyone have fun?”

In the aftermath of the session a discussion began about whether we could do this all again. Somehow it was mutually assumed that we should get together and play again, it just boiled down as to when.

Fast forward one year…it’s July 2014 and everyone has their shiney new characters…eager to embark on the quest of their lifetime…and attempt to recover the fabled Chaos Doomstones.

I’m writing this preamble at the conclusion of the July 2016 game, where the party has by now acquired three of the four Doomstones. The group of players has shifted a little from year to year (we’re all well-adjusted middle-aged geeks with responsibilities and conflicting schedules, {take for example the fact that the 2104 game happened the weekend before my wedding, but it still happened}).

Lastly, if you’re still reading this, I really do have the best players around…they are amazing and challenging, but the game play is consistently elevated to a level that I describe as “EPIC”. And I want to thank them. All of them contribute, participate, put their lives on hold for a weekend, are considerate, and respectful, and a few actually travel a fair ways to get to the game. And each year that same things are said, “it was a great time” and “looking forward to next year”. So that’s where I’m at right now…361 days from this crazy, amazing, geek filled weekend…starting tomorrow I’ll have 360 days to plot and scheme the perfect TPK.

-The GM (2016)

With a little bit of context now I’d like to introduce the heroes of this campaign: the Players and their characters.

Player: Race | Class
Career Path>>
Notable deeds/Awards

JR: Halfling | Ranger | Thodak
Woodsman >> Scout >> Outlaw Chief
Winner 2016 Death Defying Arial Act for “Catapult Antics”

MD: Dwarf | Academic | Kolbar
Trader >> Merchant >>

TP: Halfling | Rogue | Hohenheim
Smuggler >>

SK: Human | Academic | Cameron
Druid >> Druid Priest 1 >> Druid Priest 2
Winner 2013 Innovation in Travel Award for “Anchor Elevator”

JS: Elf | Warrior | Ningannel
Seaman >> Sea Captain >>
Winner 2013 Racial Diplomacy Award for “Dwarven Stepping Stones”

JL: Elf | Ranger | Lona
Bounty Hunter >> Targeteer >> Assassin
Winner 2015 Fate Point Recipient for “Birds of a Feather”

EW: Dwarf | Warrior | Dain
Tunnelfighter >>

MS: Dwarf | Ranger | Vorflax
Body Guard >>

GT: Halfling | Ranger | Jason
Trapper >> Outlaw >>
Winner 2014 Fluster the GM Award with “Can’t I just fly over it?”

BN: Human | Academic | Ilsa
Wizard’s Apprentice >> Wizard 1 >> Charlatan

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