Ningannel of Calaerdir

Sea Elf


Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Career Class: Warrior>Seaman>Sea Captain
Age: 64
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 180
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Movement: 3
Weapon Skill: 45>55
Ballistic SkIll: 30>40
Strength: 4>5
Toughness: 4
Wounds: 4>6
Initiative: 65>73
Attacks: 1>2
Dexterity: 42
Leadership: 42
Intelligence: 57
Cool: 49
Will Power: 42
Fellowship: 46

Excellent vision, consume alcohol, Dodge Blow, street fighting, strike mighty blow, Row, Sailing, scale sheer surfaces, swim, read, write, musicianship (harp), cartography, create magical item

Skills to obtain:
Animal trainer, boat building, numismatics, speak additional language, special weapon (buckler*)


Ningannel (Elven for Tears of a Harp) is the fifth child of a wealthy merchant family (Calaerdir clan, again Elven for Light of the Sea). Ningannel’s family are all involved in trade, shipping and seafaring. Ningannel grew up in a world surrounded by wonders and exotic items that passed through the hands of his family. He never really fit into the merchant mold however, and found the items they traded more intriguing than making money. He was also more interested in music and singing than in totting up figures in a book.
The Calaerdir family is a prolific family and really in some ways a trading empire all on its own. Being a child of such a clan can be problematic, especially if you are more interested in creating music and jewelry than learning the family trade. . .so about a year and a half ago Ningannel packed his few positions and set off for new adventures telling no one where he planned to go (not difficult because he planned to let the winds of the world carry him where ever they would!).
Being a son of Calaerdir Ningannel made the appropriate sacrifices to Mathlann, the Elven God of the sea. The Calaerdir family has a long and devoted history to the great god of the sea. There have been many Priests and Priestesses of Mathlann that have come from the Calaerdir clan as well as family members that have performed extreme acts of devotion to the mighty God of the sea. For this reason there are strong ties and numerous blessings from Mathlann to the Calaerdir family and Ningannel would not dream of starting a sea adventure with out showing the proper respect to Mathlann.
Ning, as he calls himself in the greater world beyond the Elves, discovered one day while singing and making a simple bracelet with silk cords braided around some semiprecious stone beads that his music blended with his innate magical abilities and gave life to the bracelet. The name of the bracelet is Othel (dim shape), and each of his charmed items defines itself and is given a name—for they are very much “alive”. The song he sang during the making of Othel was of a young Elven maid who out of love for a human tried to change her appearance to suit him. . .Othel has the ability to cause the wearer to take on the appearance of any living being. As he sang and braided and worked with the Ivory disc and amethyst beads Elven runes began to appear on them and in them. . .these carried the simple spell that changes the wearer into the appearance of any other creature and the power stones to power the spell.
Ning choses his songs carefully and must focus on the work at hand but has become quite good at making these trinkets. He sells them and uses the money to fund his adventures. He also spends hours learning any craft that will help him with these small pieces of magic (carving, braiding, metal working, leather working, gem setting and polishing). His skills are impressive and the work he produces has proved valuable. He signs on to campaigns in order to find more resources or to gain more skills. He is also compiling all the maps he can, with the hope of someday publishing a world atlas.
He has met several characters along the way. . .a halfling who brings him interesting and exotic wood to carve into beads and handles and such and another Elf who enjoys adventuring and does not ask too many questions about his past, a subject he tries to avoid as much as possible. No son of Calaerdir is completely free, and his family will always be searching for him (to make a lucrative marriage, head another branch of the family business or join the Priesthood—the sons and daughters of Calaerdir are a valuable resource. . .merchants, what can you say?

Ningannel of Calaerdir

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