Kobar Silverbeard

Age 96


Kobar is the 10th and youngest son of Thorwin Silverbeard, current guild house master of the Silverbeard silversmiths of Barak Varr.

Note on Barab Varr – "It is located in the Border Princes. Approaching from the land, it is impossible to tell that it is a busy port. In fact, even when standing on the cliff edge it seems that the ships are destined to smash into the cliff face. However, the fierce tides of the Black Gulf have carved out an enormous cave system, and it is in these caverns that the Dwarfs harbour their trading fleet.

A relatively small Karak, Barak Varr holds tremendous strategic importance. The single seaport of the Dwarfs, it is a key commercial center of the Old World. Merchants from every realm, from Araby to Lustria, gather at Barak Varr, knowing they can expect the legendary hospitality of the Dwarfs to refresh them on arrival.

It is a major trading center, where bargains are made between traders from many lands. In the market area of the Hold a visitor can buy anything, from fine Araby silks to exotic Lustrian statues, and from Halfling-mixed spices to fertility charms from the Southlands. The lion’s share of goods exported from Barak Varr to places such as Tilea, Bretonnia, and the Empire pass through the city’s heavily-fortified docks.

The Dwarfs of Barak Varr enjoy a relatively cosmopolitan lifestyle. Although the lands of Barak Varr technically include all of the ports, docks, and anchorages that line the easternmost limb of the Black Gulf, what most mean when they refer to ‘Barak Varr’ is the Great Cove, the massive port facility hewn deep into the Cliffs of Gamrud.

Barak Varr is the home to a part of the Engineers Guild called the Sea Engineers, who specialize in the building of enormous iron ships."

Kobar is older stout, strong and charming dwarf. He is a very smart trader that seeks to create a name for his family outside of the Karak in the Empire. His goal is to become a well established merchant which could bring vast wealth and reputation to his family.

Kobar Silverbeard

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