Dain Oathkeeper

There are older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places of the world


Age 50
Ht 4’10
Wt 160
Hair Blond
Eyes Blue


Dain Oathkeeper is an orphan, found wandering near the lost fortress of Karak Eight Peaks. He was found unconscious near the bodies of two Grobi with smashed in skulls and a forge hammer clenched in his right hand. He was 10 years old. He was brought back to Barak Varr by the scouting party that went to confirm the fall of the mighty fortress to the Greenskins. Nar Silverbeard a member of the party, took charge of the orphan and found a home for the courageous lad. He was taken in and raised by Azaghâl Oathkeeper, a moderately successful blacksmith.

The next 40 years were spent honing his skill at the anvil and of course mining. Dain was a natural student of both and was liked by everyone for his directness and his unwavering steadfastness in keeping his word. Everyone knew of the story of how he slew two Grobi on his own with only a forge hammer at the age of 10, and most of those who knew him had seen the birthmark in the shape of crossed hammers on his right upper arm. Like many Dawi, he prayed to and had strong faith in Grungni. He was a regular in the Silverbeard household and became fast friends with the youngest son Kobar. Kobar’ was like an older brother to Dain and although Kobar studied and took a different path than Dain, they could both be found draining many a mug together. Dain spent many long hours training in battle and was accepted as a tunnel fighter. It was not long before he had moved up the ranks and became one of the most respected tunnel fighters in his platoon.

Dain has sworn before the high priest of Grungni and the statue of the deity itself that one day he will accompany the force that reclaims the mighty fortress of his home and wipe clean the green filth that currently stains it.

Dain Oathkeeper

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